Turn your hobbies into hustles.

Authentic video content is winning in a big way.

projected US spending on social video ad content in 2017, nearly double the rate of last year 
[Business Insider]

of B2C companies rely on user-generated content to engage with their audiences
[Content Marketing Institute]

$4 billion


At Darby,
we do things differently.

Get paid a guaranteed rate for each video.  No need to wait for affiliate sales to roll in.

Gigs are first come, first served.  We value talent over the size of your existing community.

Build an impressive portfolio by working with top brands for Millennials.

Gain exposure by creating videos for big brands.

We invest in our creators.

We level the playing field.

We dream big and work hard.

Turn Your Hobbies into Hustles

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Let your hobbies make money for you.

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That video you made for fun last week could be earning you up to $2000. Become a Darby Star and earn money doing what you love.

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We’ll email you when an opportunity comes along. Be among the first to respond, and you’ve got a great chance of booking the gig!

Get creative.

When you're chosen for a gig, the clock starts. We provide you with guidelines from the brand to help you make a video that shines. 

Get paid.

When the brand approves your video, we pay you. No need to wait for pennies to roll in from an affiliate program.

In case you're wondering...

How often do gigs get posted, and how many applicants are there?

We are growing quickly so the numbers are constantly changing. We've had as many as 30 gigs per month with an average of 53 applicants per gig.

How "big" do I have to be on social media to become a Darby Star?

We believe anyone can make a great video!  That's why (unlike an influencer program) we don't have requirements around the number of social media followers you have.

So, if the size of my following doesn't matter, what DO you look for?

We love to see examples of any video creation experience you may have.  This could be an Instagram story, a short YouTube video, or something on your personal blog.


TIP: We begin our search with creators already on the Darby app.  If you have videos elsewhere, be sure to download the app and upload those videos to Darby.

Am I responsible for marketing and sharing my video?

Sharing your Darby videos is a great way to gain exposure as an influencer, so we encourage it.  In most cases, though, Darby handles the distribution so you can focus on making great videos.  We share our Darby Stars' videos with thousands of viewers on the Darby app and website.


How much and when do I get paid?  

We pay a competitive flat rate per video. The money is sent to you in full once the final video has been delivered and the brand has approved it. Sign up for more details!      

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